About us

Committed to being a community of safeguarding

that actively promotes the dignity and rights of children
and of all other persons,
particularly those who may be at risk

About the Office of Safeguarding's Compliance Training School

The Office for Safeguarding delivers training, education, advice and support to the parishes, agencies, and ministries of the Catholic Diocese of Parramatta to ensure the Diocese is safe community for all children, young people, and adults at risk.

This office also manages concerns, reports and complaints in a caring and timely manner.

In all of our works, ministries and activities, we respond to the call of the Gospel to protect those who are vulnerable by fostering culture, education, training, policies, procedures, processes and environments where the safety and wellbeing of children and adults at risk people is always paramount.

What is Safeguarding in the Diocese of Parramatta?

The Bishop and Trustees are ultimately responsible for ensuring the Diocese is a safe environment for children and adults at risk.

The Bishop has delegated the authority for handling child protection matters to the heads of agencies in the pastoral, education, and welfare divisions of the Diocese. Cross-Diocese cooperation and information sharing is encouraged for consistent promotion and standardisation of best practice approaches to safeguarding and child protection.

All agencies and ministries are directly accountable to the Bishop for their implementation of the Diocese of Parramatta Safeguarding Policy, the National Catholic Safeguarding Standards and the NSW Office of the Children’s Guardian Standards.

The day-to-day safeguarding work of the Diocese is led and managed by the Head of the Office for Safeguarding, Parramatta Diocese (OSDP) and her team. The Head of the OSDP performs the ‘Safeguarding Coordinator’ role as required by the Standards.

The Parramatta Safeguarding office works in other areas such as:

  • Education and Training
  • Prevention, Healing and Support
  • Complaints, Concerns and Feedback
  • Policy, Procedure and Guideline Development