NATSICC Cross Cultural Competency in a Catholic Context


This course is provided via Catholic Religious Australia who has partnered with the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Catholic Council (NATSICC), to create this eCourse - normally available to CRA members.
What does the Course cover?

A balanced mix of historical information combined with the impact that colonisation had on First Nations Peoples, the course contains 4 core sections:
1.  Our First Nations Peoples
2.  Understanding our history
3.  First Nations culture
4.  Practice Tips

There is an assessment at the end of each section.
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MODULE Information
This is an introductory course with a number of links to videos and further reading provided throughout the course, which are intended to enhance learning and understanding.

There is no better way to understand Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People than through personal interaction – taking time to listen to their stories.

Your engagement with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People is the natural progression on your journey.
  • Registration:  $20 (via the CRA Site) 
  • Approximate Duration: 60 minutes
  • Contact CRA for Info: 02 9557 2695
  • About CRA: follow this link
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Who should do this module?

NATSICC has developed a foundational Online Cross-Cultural Competency Course for workers, volunteers, Clergy and Religious working in the Catholic Church.
Anyone and everyone who is part of, or works for a Religious Institute or Society of Apostolic Life, which includes individual congregational members, lay staff and volunteers. It is particularly useful and important for anyone working in ministries with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.