Module 1 - Understanding Safeguardingand the Child Safe Standards

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Who should do this module?

MODULE Information
Everyone who works or is engaged in ministry within the Diocese is required to complete the Mandatory Safeguarding Induction Program, consisting of three modules. This is the first of the Mandatory modules.  It provides a basic understanding of safeguarding and how it applies to your role.
  • Training Points:  2 Mandatory 
  • Approximate Duration: 45 minutes
  • Quiz Questions: 6 
  • Contains interactive presentation
  • Training Cycle:  1
  • Diocese of Parramatta Mandatory Safeguarding Induction Unit:  Number 1 


This is the first of three modules in the Parramatta Diocese Mandatory Safeguarding Induction Program.  It is designed to develop your understanding of Safeguarding, the Child Safe Standards framework as well as the Diocese of Parramatta’s ‘Statement of Commitment’.

Module Details

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Interactive Learning Presentation and Reading Content 
This module consists of four chapters which will further your understanding of the following:

  • the concept of safeguarding and its relevance to your work.
  • the Child Safe Standards and their importance and
  • the Diocese of Parramatta’s ‘Statement of Commitment’ and its application.

Completion of the questions for all three modules will conclude your Mandatory Safeguarding Induction Program.

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