Module 3 - Working with Adults at Risk and Understanding Boundaries

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Course Information
This is the third module in the Mandatory Safeguarding Induction Course. It is designed to follow 'Understanding Safeguarding and the Child Safe Standards' and complements 'Legal Compliance and Safeguarding: ROSH and RC'. All volunteers and persons engaged in ministry in the Diocese need to complete all three modules.
  • Training Points:  2 Mandatory
  • Approximate Duration: 45 minutes
  • Quiz Questions: 5
  • Contains interactive presentation
  • Training Cycle:  One
  • Diocese of Parramatta Mandatory Safeguarding Induction Unit:  Number 3 


This is the third of three modules in the Parramatta Diocese Mandatory Safeguarding Induction Course. In this module you will listen, read, view, and interact with content that will develop your understanding of identifying and interacting with at risk/vulnerable adults, including the concept of boundaries.

Course Details

Consider headphones
Start and stop when needed
Interactive Video  and Reading Format
The purpose of this module is to provide guidance in identifying and interacting with at risk/vulnerable adults. It includes an explanation of the concept of at risk/vulnerability and power/authority in relationships and how to respond using the 3C's - Clarity, Consistency and Continuous. The course will assist in the development of a toolkit to respond to situations involving adults at risk/vulnerable adults. At the end, there will be a short quiz to complete the module.
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